• Sites In Liferay 7 DXP

    Multi Tenancy of Liferay gives flexibility to host number of sites in a single instance of Liferay Server, lets explore the sites and their hierarchy in Liferay 7 DXP in Detail.

    Global Site

    When we setup a new Liferay instance, Liferay gives us a default Global Site, If you want another site you can create it from control panel, all the newly created sites will be the sub-sites of the parent global sites. All contents of the Global Sites are accessible to the sub-sites.

    What is a Site in Liferay ?

    Sites can have its own pages which in turn can publish the web contents or portlets in the pages. Users can be assigned to the sites.

    Types of Site Membership 


    User can become member of Open site at any point of time, any user who is having an account to the portal can join Open Site.


    User having an account in the portal can join this site by sending a joining request to the site, Site Administrator can approve or deny the request of the User.


    Users cannot join this site or request for the site membership of a private site, rather Site admin have to manually add the users to the site.

    Optional Sites in Liferay 7 DXP

    Parent Site

    A site can have a parent site which is already being created and inherit the behaviors from the parent Site, a site can only have one parent site, A site can have any number of sub sites.

    Personal Site

    When an user is created in Liferay, Liferay  provides the user with his own personal site as an option which can be accessible only to that user.

    Organization Site

    An Organization in Liferay can have an optional site associated with it, with public and private pages and we can define the site template for them. User must be assigned to the Organization in order to access this site.

    Location Site

    An Organization can have its Locations which also can have a site, the user must be assigned to the Location and its parent organization in order to access this site.

    User Group Site

    Users can be grouped together into teams based on which allows us to create site for the User Groups, User must belongs to the User Group In Order to access this site.

    Its our responsibility to identify whether we have to create a Site or Organization based on the requirement


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