• Portlet Phases In Liferay

    Portlet Phases In Liferay

    Liferay is implemented on Java Portlet specification such as JSR 168, JSR286 till now and the latest Java Portlet specification of JSR 362 are expected to arrive on the future versions of Liferay,

    Lets see the different phases supported in Liferay till JSR 286, not to be confused with the lifecycle of Portlet, which i will be covering in the future blogs.

    Action Phase 
    When we want to perform any action such as add,update or delete (CRUD) operations we can make use of this action phase

    Render Phase 
    When we want to just render a JSP in our Portlet We can use this phase, this phase will just render the JSP in the portlet

    Resource Phase 
    Resource Phase provides a way to perform some tasks without reloading the page context, basically it can be used for AJAX request handling, some of the use cases such as front end validations of input fields etc.


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